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Our Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is type rating important?
    Think about your driver’s license. Just because you can drive a passenger car doesn’t mean you can drive an 18 wheeler. The same is true with pilots. Twin engine turbo-props, like the King Air, handle and perform differently from single engine piston planes. The same is true when comparing the turbo-prop to a business jet like the Citation. Type rating means a pilot has received special training in that kind of aircraft, has passed certification tests, and has sufficient experience flying that type of plane…before my passengers are ever allowed in the cabin.
  2. I’m familiar with charter and can’t stand brokers – why call Fly Northeast Ohio?
    The answer is because we’re more than a broker. Unlike other charter brokers who rely on impersonal internet services and on-line auctions to find you a plane, we try to place all our customers in planes with people we know.

    The operators in our Preferred Fleet allow us to quote their planes and have opened up to us their pricing structure, as well as their availability calendars. That makes us a TRUE Representative of their Operation. In fact, other aircraft brokers call us because we are, in essence, official representatives of each Operation.
  3. How does your being a true representative of the operators meet FAA standards?
    This totally satisfies the FAA’s Standard of Operational Control. As a paying customer, you need to know who is in operational control of each flight. When you get a quote from Fly Northeast Ohio you’ll notice that the quote is from one of our Preferred Fleet Operators. Most brokers will send you a quote on their letterhead and never tell you who the operator will be, until the last minute - if they tell you at all.
  4. Why do operators join your Preferred Fleet?
    Fly Northeast Ohio handles what it does best and that is take care of its customers from the initial phone call until trip completion. This frees the operator to do what they do best – fly safely.

    The Chief Pilot shouldn’t be answering the phone taking care of another customer’s request as he boards the plane to fly you somewhere. Unfortunately, most flight departments are run this way. Nothing wrong with wearing multiple hats to run a company – but not the pilots! You are trusting them to be well-rested and not thinking about the good customer they had to rush off the phone. With Fly Northeast Ohio handling the details of each trip, this makes the operator so much more productive and safe.
  5. How quickly do you return calls and answer emails?
    Have you had trouble calling operators directly? If you got poor service, it was probably because the dispatch phones were forwarded to the pilot’s cell phone, who just took off on a three-hour flight. Then when they got your message – you had already left the office for the day and ended up playing phone tag. With the Preferred Operators at Fly Northeast Ohio, these issues don’t happen. If we can’t take your call immediately, a message will be returned within minutes. And you’ll get that same quick response to emails.
  6. What’s the biggest benefit of calling Fly Northeast Ohio?
    How much time have you spent contacting two or three operators only to find out they didn’t have availability or they didn’t even have the right type of plane for your trip? When you email or call Fly Northeast Ohio, it’s like contacting four flight operations at the same time. Since we have access to our Preferred Operators' Fleet schedules and pricing structure – getting quotes has never been as fast and efficient. You will get better and more thorough information from us. Naturally, we’ll give you an immediate quote for the exact trip parameters you’ve requested. But we’ll go a step further, looking for alternatives you might not have considered when planning your trip.

I’m glad you’ve chosen to use Fly Northeast Ohio for your charter experience. If you’re a business executive, we want you to think of our Preferred Fleet of aircraft as your company plane. And if this is a personal trip, think of the aircraft as your family plane.

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