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New Charter Customers

Whether you charter an airplane all the time or have never taken advantage of the time savings charter allows – this section of the website will explain why to choose Fly Northeast Ohio to make your air charter arrangements.

Your First Charter Flight

For most people, aviation is a totally foreign business. Unless you have a passion for flying, you probably know nothing about it. Commercial airline travel is so automated with online reservations that you don’t usually talk to anyone – except when they lose your luggage, cancel your flight, arrive late so you miss your connection, or overbook your flight so you can’t get a seat.

Avoiding all those problems may be why you’re looking into private charter flights. None of the normal airline problem scenarios ever happens with aircraft charter. That’s because with charter aircraft – the plane is dedicated totally for your private flight with the passengers that you allow on the flight. The luggage stays with you either in the cabin or in the external baggage compartments.

Never again miss a connection because there are no connections in charter. You fly direct to your destination – and with over 5,000 accessible airports in the US, chances are that the chartered plane can get you closer to your meeting than the airlines can.

But none of this helps unless you find the right charter broker, who knows the private jet charter business inside and out, to safely arrange your air charter service.

Meeting Your Need for Safety

For example: You need to get from Northeast Ohio to Madison, Wisconsin, and neither Cleveland Hopkins nor Akron Canton has airline flights that meet your time schedule without spending the night in Madison for your two hour meeting. Charter looks like it may be the answer. Without Fly Northeast Ohio, whom would you call?

What size of aircraft can do this cost effectively? It’s in the dead of winter – do the planes have ice-protection? It’s in the summer and thunderstorms are everywhere – which business jets can safely get above the weather? Should I stay clear of propeller planes and stick with jets only?

Another example: Another example: Suppose you request a round-trip from Burke Lakefront Airport to New York LaGuardia. We’ll give you the quote, but we’ll also make sure you know about something called slots that are very narrow FAA departure and arrival windows that cut way back on your personal flexibility over your schedule. And we’ll suggest alternate airports in the NYC area that might have fewer historic delays or wider and more flexible slots.

Attention To Details

In northeast Ohio, there are approximately 30 different operators that provide executive jet charter. Calling each operator for a flight would be very time- consuming and take all day to determine if their fleet and operation fit your needs. There isn’t one plane that fits every charter need nor is each trip ever going to be the same.

This is where Fly Northeast Ohio comes in to help. We will evaluate your travel needs to offer you several private aircraft options, so that you can make a well-informed decision based on the needs of each specific trip.

Overwhelmed? To help you prepare for your first charter trip, we’ve assembled answers to the questions new charter customers ask most often. Follow this link to everything you ever wanted to know as a new charter customer. And if we missed anything, just ask us. Once you have answers to your questions, you’ll be ready to plan your first trip.

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