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Griffing Flying Service - Pilots

H. Thomas Griffing, Jr., President and Director of Operations

  • Commercial Pilot Since 1964
  • Cheyenne and King Air Captain

Thomas Griffing, Vice President / Chief Pilot

  • Began career as a line service technician in 1996
  • Trained at Griffing (1998 – 2001) for Private, Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), CFII, and Multi-engine instructor
  • Earned CFI at age of 18
  • Began as full time Line Pilot (2002)
  • Became FAA Check Airman in 2005
  • Pilot flying Part 135 (charters) with the Cheyenne (2005) and King Air (2006)
  • Additionally in charge of pilot training for Griffing Flying Service

Leo J. Eggert, Check Airman / Line Pilot

  • Taught flight instruction at Toledo Suburban Airport (1979)
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Charter Pilot, and Chief CFI for Trainair at Toledo Metcalf Airport (1980-1981)
  • General Manager and Charter Pilot for Skyway Aviation, Toledo Metcalf (1982)
  • Independent Certified Flight Instructor (1982 – present)
  • Designated Pilot Examiner (1999 – present)
  • Check Airman for Griffing Flying Service (2005 – present)

Michael Lantz, Line Pilot

  • Trained as a pilot by Griffing Flying Service 1994
  • Obtained Instrument Rating at Griffing in 2000
  • Obtained Commercial Pilot and Multi-Engine rating in 2001
  • Started flying for Griffing as a co-pilot in 2001
  • Moved up to Line Pilot for Griffing in 2007

Hugh E. Northup, Line Pilot

  • Started flying with U.S. Air Force Aero Club in 1964
  • Private Pilot – Griffing Flying Service since 1966
  • Holds Commercial, Instrument, and Multi-Engine ratings
  • Pilot for Taft Broadcasting, Stein Inc for 21 years
  • Flight Options (retired), typed for Cessna Citation III Business Jet (CE-650)
  • Seven years with Griffing as a Line Pilot

Kenneth L. Schirg, Jr., Line Pilot

  • Studied aviation science at Bowling Green State University (2000) while working as a Line Service Technician at Griffing Flying School and obtaining a Private Pilot license
  • Transferred to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, graduating in 2003
  • While at Embry-Riddle, obtained Commercial License and Multi-Engine Rating
  • Received CFI Rating in 2004 at Griffing Flying Service
  • Became a Part 135 (charter) Line Pilot for Griffing in December 2004

Nathan Weber, Line Pilot

  • Began flying in 2001 while pursuing a B.S. in Technology from Bowling Green State University (BGSU). Graduated in 2006.
  • Received Private Pilot license, Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate and Multi-engine rating at BGSU. Also worked as Flight Instructor at BGSU.
  • Worked as Flight Instructor for Griffing Flying Service 2006-2007
  • Started flying Part 135 (charter) for Griffing in 2007

Daniel James Mihalek, Pilot

  • Pilot training at Griffing Flying Service
  • Began flying for Griffing in 2004
  • Has more than 3,500 flight hours of experience

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