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Sky Quest LLC - Pilots

Corey Head, Chief Pilot

  • Kent State University Aerospace Technology Graduate / flight school 1995 – 1999
  • Flew two years for Airnet Systems (1999-2001) first as a piston Captain and then moved up to a Lear Jet as Second in Command (SIC)
  • Started Air Service Inc. as a Part 135 Charter Operator flying a King Air 90; operated and flew for the company from 2001 – 2004
  • Started Sky Quest LLC in 2004 and now operates and flies King Air 90, King Air 200, and Beech Jet 400A

Patrick Lien, Pilot

  • Bachelor of Science in Commercial Aviation (2001)from University of North Dakota at Grand Forks
  • Remained at University of North Dakota 2 years as Flight Instructor
  • Accepted position as Chief Flight Instructor at American Flyers in Cleveland
  • Spent 2 years as a pilot flying the owners of Beech Baron, Beech King Air 90, and Beech King Air 200 aircraft
  • Started flying for Sky Quest LLC in 2008

Brian Mitchell, Pilot

  • 2006 Kent State University Aeronautics Graduate
  • Flight Instructed at Kent State University in 2006
  • Flew part-time for a night cargo/charter 135 operation from 2005-2008
  • Worked full time for a 135 charter operation in a King Air 200 from 2007-2008
  • Started flying for Sky Quest LLC in 2008

Michael Eli Graora, Pilot

  • Mike began is flying career with the Navy in 1979.  He flew as a navigator and an officer on the P3 for 6 years.  Mike left the navy to pursue his aviation career with Chautauqua Airlines and ATA for 12 years.  He was a captain on the Metroliner and Saab 340, also first officer on the L 1011.  He left ATA for flight options where he flew as captain on the citation and the beechjet for 7 years.  His career with Sky Quest began in 2008 as a captain on the Beechjet.  Mike has over 10,000 hours of flight time in everything from single engine Cessna’s to the heavy, 300+ passenger, Lockheed L-1011.

Mike Hudgin, Director of Maintenance

  • Graduate of Spartan School of Aeronautics
  • Started career with Island Airlines maintaining Ford Tri-Motor and DeHaviland Aircraft (Otter and Beaver models)
  • Gradually gained experience maintaining various general aviation and business aviation aircraft
  • Held position as Lead Inspector / Technician with a repair station and later with corporate flight departments
  • Holds Inspection Authorization and Aviation Maintenance Engineer certifications

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