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We know safety is important to you. The FAA, the insurance carriers, and of course the aircraft charter operators themselves have safety rules that govern every charter flight. Let me highlight just a few of the safety steps taken as you step into a plane with our Preferred Operators through Fly Northeast Ohio.

Two pilots on every flight. Even when the FAA requires only one, when you use a Preferred Operator with Fly Northeast Ohio you’ll have two. And they will both be Typed or appropriately rated for your aircraft. Typed means that the pilot has a Type Rating. Any pilots flying business jets or charter aircraft that weigh over 12,500 lbs must have received special training and certification and passed rigorous training in full-motion simulators in World Class Training Centers such as Flight Safety, SimuFlite & SimCom to be able to fly that specific private aircraft.

Pilot training. The pilots with our Preferred Operators at Fly Northeast Ohio take two check rides per year with the FAA – every 6 months. These check rides consist of type-specific airplane systems, emergency procedures, high altitude operations, hazardous weather training, hazmat training as well as Federal Aviation Regulations, airport operations, and crew resource management procedures – just to name a few.

Single type fleet. Do you own multiple cars at home? Ever reached for the garage door opener in the wrong spot in your car and realized you were in your spouse’s car? It’s the same principle with flying. Pilots flying one type of plane make for safer operations. One of the unique characteristics of our Preferred Operators is that each operator only flies one type of aircraft. Why is that important? Having a fleet of the same type of planes keeps the cockpit familiar for the crews. This reduces confusion with the flight management systems. And it keeps the crews familiar with the specific aircraft systems on a daily basis as well as knowing the specific emergency procedures.

Meticulous maintenance. The planes of our Preferred Operators are under the careful and attentive eye of their respective Directors of Maintenance. These key maintenance personnel help make you feel safe when you Fly Northeast Ohio. Each Director of Maintenance is responsible for routine maintenance as well as any unexpected directives from the manufacturers or the FAA. Maintenance Directors have specific training in the airframe and engine systems of each aircraft in their fleet. They also oversee other mechanics at Factory Maintenance Centers when major inspections are required. The Maintenance Directors associated with Fly Northeast Ohio have resumes that include Safety Awards presented by the FAA for outstanding work.

Plenty of rest. The FAA requires that pilots must be off duty and have at least 10 hours of rest before every flight they take. One of the safety officer’s jobs is to make sure all your flight crews are properly scheduled so they have enough rest time before each trip. This is comforting information for customers using the Preferred Operators with Fly Northeast Ohio, especially when they have an early morning departure. Customers can “rest assured” their pilots had plenty of sleep the night before. Most of the Preferred Operators have multiple crews per plane, which not only allows for better utilization of the plane, but also makes the plane available for trips that return late at night to be ready for early morning private charter flights with a fresh rested crew.

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