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Why Fly Northeast Ohio?

My name is Seth Spitale and I’m the general manager of Fly Northeast Ohio. Let me tell you how we’re different from other aircraft charter broker services and give you five reasons why calling Fly Northeast Ohio is to your advantage.

I know how to fly. I’m a commercial rated pilot with a Flight Instructor Certificate and have been flying since 1991. I’ve been the pilot or co-pilot in multiple cabin-class turbo props and have flown in many types of private jets. My personal experience in the cockpit and aboard many private jets makes me uniquely qualified to recommend the best aircraft for each trip.

I know what you want. And that is to have a safe flight in a safe aircraft with a safe crew that is looking out for your best interest. We meet most of our customers in person prior to departure to make sure your flight begins well. We also try to be on hand when you arrive on the return home so that the end is as uneventful as the beginning. Our success in making sure no surprises happen reflects in our loyal clientele of business executives, families, high profile clients including PGA golfers, music entertainers, Major League Baseball players, and Pro Football legends, to name a few.

I’ve got your back. Many charter brokers pick an operator off an internet directory or auction: but I arrange most of our flights with a select group of Preferred Operators. I meet with the operators every month. I know the mechanics who service your planes and the pilots who fly them. I’ve even flown with many of the pilots and can personally attest to their skills.

I know the owners. I’m not just familiar with the pilots; I also make it a point to meet the aircraft owners, as well as the owners of the charter certificates which make up the Private Aircraft that Fly Northeast Ohio is all about. I know how proud they are of their planes and the investments they make to keep the aircraft in superb condition for my customers. Knowing the owners and who is in operational control of the planes is just as important as the pilots flying the planes which gives me comfort and confidence in knowing that the customers are in excellent hands in every way.

I’ll keep you informed. I keep you informed with more than just an itinerary about your trip. I help my customers out even if they are flying on the airlines. Many times a customer riding on an airline will call for help when their flight is delayed or cancelled to assist them in getting back home or to that important meeting. I’ll email you a weather report a day or two in advance if it looks like it may affect your day of travel. I also will send informative articles each month, such as effective ways to use the “company plane” as a business tool to increase your sales.

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