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Did you know there are nearly 60 airports in Northeast Ohio? When you Fly Northeast Ohio, you can depart from the closest and most convenient airport to your home or office. Don’t know the closest airport? Don’t worry. Once you tell us your starting point, we will find the most convenient airport that can handle your aircraft.

Picking the Right Aircraft

When you request a quote, you can specify the kind of aircraft you want; or let us choose the best one for you. Your destination airport can affect the decision. For example, if you were flying to Hilton Head, we would recommend one of our turbo-props, because the runway at Hilton Head is too short for the jets.

Where Are You Going?

We can help you select an airport closest to your business or family destination. For example, if you were flying to Indianapolis, we would help you select from one of the six airports in that metro area.

Flight Times

Unlike most brokers, we ask you what time you want to arrive. Then, based on the cruising speed of the aircraft and prevailing winds, we calculate a departure time for you. For the return, you tell us what time you’ll be ready to go. Then we will calculate how long the return flight will take and what time it will land.

Finding Private Aircraft

Your plane and pilots will be waiting for you at the general aviation terminal, or Fixed Base Operation (FBO). If you have never flown with us before, or you will be flying to or from an unfamiliar airport, we’ll send you driving directions. When you get to the lobby, one of your pilots will be waiting to escort you to your plane.

Creature Comforts

  • We can arrange for meals on board any segment of your flight.
  • We can reserve a rental car, limousine, or sedan service at your destination.
  • Tell us if you need meeting room facilities or WiFi connections when you land.
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